Stem cells have been found to help the body renew and repair itself.  For decades, stem cells have been found in bone marrow and umbilical cord blood to treat diseases.  In 2000, stem cells were discovered in teeth!  Dental stem cells from healthy extracted adult and primary (baby) teeth are a simple and convenient source of potent high quality stem cells.  These stem cells can be easily collected and cryopreserved for future dental and medical applications.

Primary teeth that have naturally exfoliated or extracted and permanent teeth including wisdom teeth that have been extracted for orthodontics (braces) or other reasons can be used as a source of stem cells. 

Since the discovery of dental stem cells in adult teeth in 2000 by scientists, research into possible clinical uses of these cells has accelerated around the world.  Dental stem cells have already been successfully used in clinical studies to regenerate alveolar bone (that which is around the tooth), as well as periodontal ligament (that which holds the tooth in its socket) in human patients.  It is now known that stem cells can be collected from dental pulp of primary and permanent teeth, periodontal ligament, apical papilla and the dental follicle.  These dental stem cells can be differentiated into a range of tissues useful for regenerative dentistry and medicine.  The accessibility and utility of these stem cells that would otherwise be discarded suggest a bright future for the routine use of dental stem cells.  With cryopreservation, this provides the opportunity for patients, who are having otherwise healthy teeth removed in the normal course of dental care, to save their own stem cells today for uses tomorrow. 

Dr. Graskemper is an authorized Store-A-Tooth dentist to enable those who wish to take advantage of this developing resource. If you wish for more information or need to make an appointment, please call (631) 286-4243.

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