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Response to COVID-19

Our office has always practiced standard precautions, which means that we have practiced infection control as though COVID-19 were already present. Our office infection control standards use barriers, disinfection, disposables, and sterilization for controlling all diseases. In response to the novel corona virus, the office has responded to this change by adding to standard precautions, COVID -19 transmission precautions.

Specifically, masks are worn with face shields and glasses, extra-oral high volume suction is used during procedures to reduce vapors, HEPA air filters are used in our ventilation system, and an air scrubber has been installed for the entire office protection. Upon entry into the office, all patients get their temperature taken, rinse with hydrogen peroxide rinse and wash hands or use hand sanitizer. The entire staff have their temperature taken daily in the morning prior to seeing patients. All patients are asked to sign an informational screening sheet to check for prior exposure risks.

Because I am on staff at Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and a member of the American Dental Association I receive daily updates on COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Our office is complying with CDC recommendations.

Having had a vaccine developed and administered, until population immunity is created, there remains a risk for infection recurrence. If you have a dental question, please contact the office at 631-286-4243 or at: info@bellportvillagedentist.com. In the meantime, please practice the pandemic safety precautions that are meant to serve us all.

Thank you for your trust and confidence.

Joseph P Graskemper DDS JD DABLM













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Awesome dentist! Was able to help me overcome my fears and has me coming back to finally complete a proper routine of oral care. I highly recommend him and his awesome staff!

William D.

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